Justin Bieber Eyes Rap Collaboration With Will Ferrell

August 13, 2010 By:
Justin Bieber Eyes Rap Collaboration With Will Ferrell

Justin Bieber has a huge collaboration in the works! And since this 16-year-old has proven to be a very powerful player in the music industry, we can really see it happening!

According to reports, Justin is desperate to work with none other than comic genius Will Ferrell! It all began with a plea from Mark Wahlberg to work with the Biebs. Keep in mind, before Wahlberg was a “serious” actor, he was Marky Mark!

Wahlberg has reportedly been trying to get in touch with the 16-year-old pop star because his daughter is a big fan - and he even admitted he would consider coming out of music retirement to duet with Bieber.

But Justin has one request—Will Ferrell has to be on board. And he’s serious! Justin tweeted, "Spoke with mark wahlberg... And no joke @mark_wahlberg is beast. The Other Guys was great... We need to make that record. he needs to rap again.

"Will ferrell needs to rap with us too...that would be...EPIC. I will rap too. deal?"

This is just so out there that we think it could work! But we hope it’s a real song, and not just a spoof for Funny Or Die!