Justin Bieber: New Year's Song With Chris Brown

December 27, 2010 By:
Justin Bieber: New Year's Song With Chris Brown

Justin Bieber is taking a little bit of a risk with this next collaboration! According to MTV, he's collaborating with Chris Brown. And the two are planning on releasing the song as early as this week!

Brown tweeted saying, “ME and @justinbieber got a BANGER/SMASH record for all the fans out there at the top of the NEW YEAR!!! 2011.”

But back in October, JB acted all gangsta himself when he tweeted, “Kinda hyped rt now. for a new single teamed up with one of my friends and an artist I used to sing covers of on youtube. BIG RECORD. SMASH!!”

He then tweeted a video of himself covering Brown's "With You."

This just may be Brown’s meal ticket back into people’s good graces. His latest song “Yeah 3x” is actually really good, but it seems people are still having trouble forgiving him. Keri Hilson recently said that it’s time we all forgave him for what he did.

Hilson just recorded a duet of her own with Brown called “One Night Stand.” She said during an interview, "People are already putting [Brown] back in their good graces, 'cause they see his remorse.

“I know people are saying, 'Is he really a man? You have him on your album.' I mean, yeah. To me, a man is someone, you don't go backwards in life. You learn from your mistakes, and you don't do it again. You show remorse, and you move on. You move forward onto bigger and better things. That's a man trait."

Between that and this new Bieber track, it sounds like Brown is on his way back….are you ready for it??