Justin Bieber Performs His First Christmas Single AND Duets with Selena

October 7, 2011 By:
Justin Bieber Performs His First Christmas Single AND Duets with Selena

When Justin Bieber announced that "Mistletoe" would be the first single off his upcoming Christmas album, "Under The Mistletoe" I didn't think he'd debut the song nearly a month before Halloween. I also didn't expect the Holiday song to be a reggae jam. Well it is.

The Biebz was doing a show in Rio de Janeiro this week and decided to debut his new Holiday flavored single. He announced, "This is the first time anywhere in the world that I've sang this," Bieber tells his screaming fans, "So this is special. This is just for you."

The song boasts lyrics like "Reindeers flying through the sky so high" which just makes me chuckle so hard. Really Bieber, you're gonna try and go hard with a Reindeer lyric?

Oh but the best part is the chorus. Bieber thinks he's spreading Christmas cheer with this gem, "I want to be under the mistletoe, shorty, with you." Then the rest of the chorus is actually just the phrase, "shawty with youuuuu."

Nothing says Christmas like a make out session under the mistletoe with your favorite shawty.

There are also some NSFC (Not safe for Christmas) lyrics like, "Your lips on my lips is a merry merry christmas."

Uhmm, I'm sorry but, I want real christmas back.

Also, the song sounds like it samples Jason Mraz hit, "I'm Yours." If it isn't an actual sample it sounds just like that song.

Moving on, aside from instilling Christmas cheer the world over, Bieber also surprised fans at the Rio show with a surprise performance by his girlfriend Selena Gomez.

Selena took the stage solo and sang her hit song "Who Says."

You know, it isn't very difficult to be a pop stars nowadays. The fans themselves scream all the lyrics during the whole show anyways. Selena spent the majority of the song pointing her microphone at the audience and instructing them to sing instead.

Towards the end of the performance Justin Bieber came on stage and sang a couple verses with her girlfriend. He most walked around and said "Who Says" occasionally, but for the tweens in the audience, this was a big deal.

Like usual, Bieber tweeted in anticipation of the two surprises at the concert, "got some very special guests with me 2nite. #Mistletoe." and then "Almost time RIO...i got a big surprise tonight. #BRAZIL #myworldtour."

After the show he tweeted, "RIO!!! CRAZY!! thanks to @selenagomez for helping me do something special for the crowd. a duet never hurt nobody. WHO SAYS."

Now, back to that Christmas song, if swagger songs about reindeer and christmas is up your alley, you buy buy the single on October 17th.