Justin Bieber Performs on Dancing With The Stars

November 2, 2011 By:

Bieber performed twice on Dancing With The Stars last night, and is it just me, or does his newly deep register not sound so great? Maybe it was a bad night, but he doesn’t really have to vocal range he used to. So let’s focus on the positives, like that shiny purple blazer that was totally a normal thing to wear and the fact that he brushes his hair upwards instead of downward now.

He first took the DWTS Stage with a group of male back up dancers to perform his hit single, “Never Say Never.” He was busting out choreography like a pro and pumping swag through his veins.

But Justin Bieber is just so damn adorable, even if he can’t hit the high notes anymore, watching him is like remembering all the best parts of a High-School talent show.

He returned to the stage with the dudes of Boyz II Men, who should really change their name to Bieber II Men and performed a song off Justin’s Holiday album “Under The Mistletoe.”

The song “Fa La La” is an original song written by Bieber and Boyz II Men and is basically one of those thinly veiled “Baby makin’” R&B tracks, except it’s about Christmas. So don’t play this for Grandma when she comes to town for the Holidays, it’ll just be weird.

For this song, Bieber changed into a black leather jacket and ditched the back-up dancers while DWTS ballroom pros Mark Ballas and Chelsea Hightower did a hip-hop salsa dance in front of Bieber. Was it as weird as I just described it? Yes!

Apparently after the show, Bieber and the Boyz filmed the music video for “Fa La La.”

“Killed it with @BoyzIImen on DWTS and then just shot a video for out song #FALALA.” Bieber tweeted.

Hot off his DWTS performance, Justin Bieber was just accused of fathering a child with some 20 year-old girl named Mariah Yeater.

I’m assuming Mariah Yeater took PR advice from Ashton’s lover Sarah Leal, because this Bieber Baby Daddy drama is ridiculous.

According to the Baby Momma, Bieber lost his virginity to this chick when he was 16 and the girl was 19, backstage at a concert at the Staples Center.

If we’re talking hot underage men, hands down, it’s always Patrick Schwarzenegger. So if you’re gonna say you slept with a 16 year old, would you really choose Justin Bieber? Nawwww.

Bieber’s legal team thinks this woman’s allegations are bogus, they said, “"It's sad that someone would fabricate malicious, defamatory and demonstrably false claims," the rep says in a statement. "We will vigorously pursue all available legal remedies to defend and protect Justin against these allegations."

For now, Bieber is not letting it get to him, “I’m gonna focus on the positives…the music,” he tweeted this morning.