Justin Bieber Releases His New Duet With Mariah Carey "All I Want For Christmas"

October 31, 2011 By:
Justin Bieber Releases His New Duet With Mariah Carey

The new Holiday It-Boy, Justin Bieber, has teamed up with the original Christmas popstar, Mariah Carey, to duet on her original Holiday classic, "All I Want For Christmas."

Mariah first recorded the song in 1994 and since then it has been a Holiday staple, now Justin has Bieberified it, adding his girlish prowess and sugary sweet confection to the song. 

For starters, the song has one of the most dramatic build-ups to a christmas song ever. I though every Christmas song by Celine Dion was intense, but this song is so diva. The jingle starts with Mariah and Justin fighting over each others voices in a battle of "who can hit that note higher." Needless to say, Mariah wins. 

It sounds just like the original Mariah Carey song, but just add Justin Bieber. I wouldn't be surprised if Mariah didn't even go into studio and Justin just recorded his tracks on top of her original song. 

Because Mariah Carey is a super diva, Justin's manager admits that it was hard for Justin to hit some of Mariah's high notes because Justin has now reached his post-pubescent voice. I hadn't noticed that he'd gone thru puberty. He still looks like a chipmunk to me. 

"We wanted Mariah from the beginning," says Bieber, "but we kind of though it was really hard, so we didn't really push the idea. But she's on my label, so we reached out to some people, she got in contact with us, and Randy Jackson was actually at the studio with us, and I was like, 'Yo, you think you can help get Mariah on the Christmas album?' And he was like, 'I'm actually going to see her in New York on Monday' and I was like 'Yo, go do that!'"

And then Justin was like, "Yo, if I keep saying 'Yo' will people take me less seriously?" and then Randy was like, "Yo, Dawg, stop acting so hood" and then Justin was like, "Sorry sir."

The entire album releases tomorrow November 1 but several of the singles have leaked including his collaboration with Busta Rhymes on the classic "Little Drummer Boy." On this track Bieber plays the drums and raps as his alter ego Shawty Mane. 

He told MTV News, "If you really think about it, it's genius, because it's rapping on a Christmas album...and, like, I'm rapping on it," says Bieber, "I'm actually playing drums on that song, playing the snare."