Justin Bieber Says Sean Kingston is Doing Well After Accident

August 2, 2011 By:
Justin Bieber Says Sean Kingston is Doing Well After Accident

Justin Bieber is such a good friend. The Biebs went down to Miami to visit his friend Sean Kingston who's still at home recovering from his jet-skiing accident at the end of May. Awww pre-teen girls everywhere just collectively squealed and then cried and then wiped up their tears with a shirt with Justin face on it.

After spending three weeks at Jackson Memorial Hospital, Kingston finally got to go home last month, and according to Bieber he's back to doing normal things like "kickin it" and cruising around Miami beach.

Bieber visited Kingston to help cheer him up and tells MTV news that "His [Sean's] spirits are a lot higher. He still has to have people around him to make sure he's doing alright, but his spirits are high, and he's doing well. We were just hanging out at his house, kicking it, driving around Miami and whatnot."

Kingston tweets at J. Biebs after the bromance sesh ended, "@justinbieber Love u lil bro...miss u already...swagg swagg...Just Did Some Shopping With My Lil Bro @justinbieber And Now Ima About To Hit The Beach...Take my talents to southbeach real quick lol"

Awww he calls him "lil." Brotherly love...no homo.

Hopefully Kingston will be well enough to start recording soon, he's been tweeting that he's ready to get back in the studio. "Just got a sickk penthouse in L.A!! I can't wait to get out there in AUgust and start working on my new album!!!"

Bieber and Kingston duet?! eh eh?