Justin Bieber Sings with His 3 Year-Old Sister

December 23, 2011 By:
Justin Bieber Sings with His 3 Year-Old Sister

Remember when everyone used to make fun of Justin Bieber for being a fetus and making girls squeal and stuff? Yeah, well, too bad he’s now like a really good human being and big brother and stuff and it’s impossible to make fun of him anymore. I mean, he donated $500,000 to charity yesterday. That, in itself, should cool the Bieber jokes at least for another month or so.

Anyways, Justin Bieber pulled his little sister on stage during the taping of his Toronto, Canada Holiday show on Wednesday night. Also, in case you were wondering (or fearing), this isn’t a Miley Cyrus-Trace Cyrus deal, Bieber’s little sister is an adorable little toddler.

He invited 3-year-old half sister Jazmyn onstage and she sat on his knee and sang along to parts of “Baby” and “One Time.” Aww, so cute or whatever. Never Change, Justin.

He jokingly asked her if she had a boyfriend and she was like, yeah, it’s Nick Jonas. I'm kidding... it's Joe. He then carried her offstage to the arms of her father.

Bieber has a thing for surprising fans with special guests. Last night he performed some Holiday classics on The X Factor and at the last moment of the performance he pulled onstage, Drew, one of the shows runner-ups who helped him sing the last trill of “The Christmas Song.”

Also, Drew was all googly-eyed about it, because she’s 14 and a self proclaimed Bieber fan.