Justin Bieber on Stage at a Comedy Club?

December 18, 2013 By:
The Biebs made a random surprise appearance on the stage of famous Los Angeles comedy club The Laugh Factory recently. Lucky for the world of teen girls, it was all caught on camera.
Apparently, Bieber elected to sit on stage while comedian Chris D'Elia "roasted" (in air quotes) him for about 2 minutes. We were really disappointed because no real roasting was doled out at all. Our main takeaways from the experience were "why?" and "how?" Why did these two decide to do this? And how did these two people connect in the first place? Oh yeah, there is one part that people seem to care about, where Bieber tells the audience he "f**ks bitches." Classic Biebs. Watch and let us know how you'd do it differently.

(via TMZ)