Justin Bieber Unsafe for Australia

April 26, 2010 By:
Justin Bieber Unsafe for Australia

Australia has come down with a serious case of Bieber fever. Justin Bieber was scheduled to perform on Monday’s episode of Sunrise, but the police got involved and canceled it due to major safety concerns.

According to ABC, eight girls were sent to the hospital, and several others were injured. People started gathering on the set of the show the night before, hoping to get a glimpse of the Bieber.

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Before you know it people were fainting, paramedics were there, and the concert was forced to be canceled. One of the show’s reporters said, "We were expecting this to be the biggest concert we ever had, but we just couldn't have foreseen this scale.

Police said the station was well prepared, but that the frenzy of 5,000 fans got out of control.

"They wouldn't listen to our directions, so hence they left us with no option," Deputy Commissioner Dave Owens told reporters, adding it was a concern that so many youngsters were out at night without their parents.

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Justin was, however, able to perform on the stage inside the studio, far away from the crazed fans. And we thought Bieber fever was bad here! Those Aussies are even crazier!