Justin Bieber Vs. Lady Gaga: YouTube War!

July 19, 2010 By:
Justin Bieber Vs. Lady Gaga: YouTube War!

Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga are both such huge stars, that we couldn’t possibly decide who’s more famous.

But YouTube was able to determine that for us this morning, as Bieber officially beat out Gaga for the most views on a music video! “Bad Romance” was the video to beat with its 247.6 million views. But Bieber’s “Baby” took care of business this morning, when the video was viewed 250.7 million times!

Justin took to his Twitter to thank his fans, saying, "I started on YouTube so the support ... well I just need to say thank u."

He followed up with some praise for Gaga as well, saying, "I just need to say that @ladygaga is an incredible artist who [I] have great respect 4. And her vid is incredible, so it doesnt matter who has more views, what matters is that we have incredible fans that support us. That I'm sure we are both greatful 4."

But watch out, Bieber! Gaga fans have caught wind of the competition, and have been clicking and refreshing the page on “Bad Romance” ever since! So we may be looking at a comeback!