Justin Bieber's Fans Name His Private Parts

April 26, 2012 By:

Justin Bieber’s beliebers gave his little Bieber a little nickname. If you were wondering why “Jerry” was trending all week on twitter, here’s some insight for you—its Justin Bieber’s penis’ nickname.

While at a UK radio show Bieber confessed that his fans get creative when it comes to his…um…private parts life.

"My fans are a little inappropriate," the singer told a U.K. radio show on Wednesday. "It's funny. My fans are kind of inappropriate."

Why Jerry, of all names? "I don't know, it's just what they named it," Bieber added. "Jerry seems kind of like… 'My name is Jerry.'"

And while Beliebers were busy nicknaming his junk, he was taking some fun shots at his alleged baby mama Mariah Yeater.

"There's a song about that girl -- Mariah Yeater -- that said she was gonna have my baby," Justin Bieber said Monday during an interview in London.

"There are songs about things I'm going through," he added about his new album. "I wrote songs about different situations."