A Lyrical Breakdown of Justin Bieber's 'Broken'

February 24, 2014 By:
A Lyrical Breakdown of Justin Bieber's 'Broken'

Justin Bieber needs no introduction. When he's not getting caught escaping South American brothels, he's making omelets on his neighbor's houses or drunkenly drag racing down Miami boulevards. All that junior badassery has garnered a fervent posse of detractors. In response to their naysaying, he's released a funky throwback track titled "Broken." Check it out.

Now, J. Biebs is a complicated guy, so here's our lyrical breakdown:



"I guess they want a reaction, but I ain't gonna give it to 'em" 

Bieber comes out of the gates swingin' confused logic with both arms. We're pretty sure this song counts as a reaction. 




"Oh I cannot be broken, I cannot be broken. I cannot be broken, I cannot be broken"

Unlike the remains strewn 'round the eggshell graveyard that is his neighbor's driveway, Bieber claims that he will not crack under the pressure. The thing is, when somebody repeats something so many times in a row, you gotta ask...are they convincing you...or convincing themselves?



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"They can't take what's mine. Someone like me is hard to find"

Not really, dude, you're pretty easy to find. Every time we turn on the TV, you're in the midst of a very public display of wankery.




At the end of the day, what can you say, but...