Most Random Celeb BFFs

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Most Random Celeb BFFs
Image By: Larry Busacca

Friends come in different shapes and sizes, and some pairings seem more likely than others. From genre-crossing to age gaps, we've assembled a list of the most random friendships that no one saw coming.


Lorde & Taylor Swift

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17-year old Lorde took to her personal blog to diss T. Swift, stating that Taylor is too flawless as a role model for young girls. Taylor reached out to Lorde, squashed the beef, and now the two are practically attached at the hip!


Justin Bieber & Snoop Dogg


Uncle Snoop has been down for Bieber from the start. The 22-year age difference ain't nothing for these BFFs.


Miley Cyrus & Pharrell


Before Miley was the ratchet we know today, Skateboard P was by her side consulting on her wardrobe, music, and hair (he was the first person she called when she wanted to chop it all off). 


Ciara & Kim Kardashian

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We know Beyoncé refuses to be friends with reality starlet Kim K, but Ciara doesn't! The two consider each other best friends, and have been supportive throughout each other's pregnancies.


Rihanna & Katy Perry

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The unlikely duo became friends while bonding over a Valentino bag in 2009. After rumored beef last year, they're back together and stronger than ever.


Tyler, the Creator & Kanye


Tyler is quick to hate on anybody and everybody, but Yeezus is "one of the only people in the industry that [he] considers a friend". Kanye was one of the first to support Tyler, tweeting that "Yonkers" was the video of the year.


Tiësto & Dillon Francis

Erik Voake

Dillon Francis started an "I'm Tiësto" troll in 2012, which led to him signing 'Tiësto' on a girl's chest in his "Masta Blasta" music video. A New York newspaper then used Tiësto's picture with the caption "Dillon Francis." Tiësto took the joke really well and they became BFFs on Holy Ship.


James Blake & Chance The Rapper


James and Chance met while working together on "Life Round Here." The boys hit it off so well that they're now roomies in LA. They promise more music will come from the two living together.