Is This a New Musical Era for Justin Bieber?

December 10, 2014 By:
Is This a New Musical Era for Justin Bieber?
Image By: Getty Images / Ethan Miller

Justin Bieber has been laying pretty low when it comes to music, unlike all the other aspects of his life (i.e. his breakup with Selena Gomez, his million dollar mansions, and run-ins with the law). Besides his collaborative music with Cody Simpson, and that random "All About That Bass" remix, has Justin even been in the studio? 

Apparently he has. And he has a lot in store for us in the coming future.

Fresh with a new 'do, Justin made an appearance at the Burbank opening of West Coast Customs earlier this week. When asked about his music, Justin told Hustle TV that he's "not done" with music. 

"People who oversaturate the music industry and keep putting out singles and keep dropping music, it just makes yourself less important when you drop music. You want to have an actual break. I wanted to have a moment where people didn't see me for a while and then I could come back stronger."

Smartly said. Maybe there is some intelligence in that newly bleached blonde head of his.

Justin seems like he's in a happier place in his life. He concluded the interview saying that he was "growing up" and "finding himself as a man."

A new chapter for Justin? Let's see how 2015 pans out for him. Less arrests, please.