Patrick Carney Impersonates Justin Bieber on Twitter

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Patrick Carney Impersonates Justin Bieber on Twitter


The Grammys were over a week ago and still Justin Bieber fans are ticked at some off the cuff comment Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney made while being ambushed by TMZ cameras following the ceremony.

In case you missed it, the exact comment Carney made was:

“Grammys are for like music, not for money... and he's making a lot of money.”

When Justin, who watched the Grammys from the comfort of his own home, came back with “the black keys drummer should be slapped around haha” on Twitter, it unleashed tween warfare on the social media site.

Here are some quotes from Beliebers directed at Carney:

      • “Patrick Carney is a f*cking horse d*ck that tastes like moldy wasabi pass it on"
      • “stop being gay"
      • “Gay”
      • “did not know fetuses could talk"
      • “A$$hole and a f*g. That are two words to describe you!”
      • “why don't you just apologize ??”
      • “I hope you get sh*t on by that bird and dragged away to its nest, and lays its eggs on you. CHANGE YOUR ICON NOW!”

Part of the blame for the ongoing feud belongs to Carney, of course, who took to egging the Beliebers on by responding to their messages and threats with enough snark to fill Chelsea Handler’s entire memoir twice over.

The latest in the drummer's apparent quest to piss as many Justin fans off as possible is that the rocker changed his profile pic to the teen crooner wearing Carney's signature glasses. Also, in his profile, Carney wrote: “official twitter for the actual verified Justin Bieber DOS virtual buudy.”

Carney’s profile settings have since been switched back with the bio reading:

“official twitter for the actual verified Patrick Carney (formerly Justin Bieber). Drummer in the Black Keys. Pet Groomer.”

The best part is that Beliebers, whether they realize it or not, are indirectly making the drummer as famous as they are trying so hard to assert that he’s not. The irony almost hurts.

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