What You Could Expect from a Justin Bieber and Lorde Collab

August 5, 2014 By:
What You Could Expect from a Justin Bieber and Lorde Collab

Justin Bieber posted a slew of Instagram photos yesterday. Which isn't too big of a deal since the Biebs is always posting selfless, photos with friends, vacation pics, and that one Orlando Bloom diss...But we kind of freaked this time, since he posted a picture with Lorde?!?!

Does this mean the two are going to collaborate on a track together? Strange, because the two have VERY different perspectives on life. Justin is a bad boy partier and Lorde is a gung-ho feminist...

If the curly-haired brunette in the photo is actually Lorde, and the two are actually going to work on a song together, we've speculated a few tracks they might create.


"Royal Boyfriend"

If I was your ruler, ruler, never let you go. Keep you on my arm girl, you can call me queen bee.


"Tennis Court Baby"

Let's go down to the tennis court, and I was like baby, baby, baby oooooh.


"Beauty and Some Ribs"

My mum and dad let me stay home, cause all I need is a beauty and a beat.


"One Less Lonely Team"

I'm getting kind of over getting told to throw my hands up in the air, so there's gonna be one less lonely girl.


Umm… maybe they should NEVER work together. The potential results are horrendous.