Behind the Beats: Justin Credible

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Behind the Beats: Justin Credible

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Justin Credible has always had a passion for music. Justin began DJing at the age of sixteen at local house parties and school functions.  After graduating high school, Justin took his talents on the road, from Fresno to Palm Springs, then landing in Las Vegas in 2000. It was in Las Vegas where Justin got his stride. He worked at the local radio station as an Imaging Director, and pursued his dream of DJing at some of the hottest clubs in the city. From Las Vegas, it was on to San Diego where he was hired at XHTZ/ Jammin Z90. In 2004, Justin landed his dream radio Job at Power 106 in Los Angeles.

Justin still continues to strive for more. Not only is Justin one of the top Imaging Directors in the country, he now is a part of the Power Mixer family. Justin mixes daily with DJ Felli Fel on the Power 7 at 7 Countdown. Additionally, you can listen to Justin on Wednesday nights on Power 106 at midnight on the Take Over Show with DJ Reflex and the Los Angeles Leakers.

Justin has an amazing strive and dedication to be the BEST at everything he does. He is always willing to go above and beyond, and do whatever it takes to get the job done with impeccable perfection. Justin has successfully attempted to take what he has learned thus far, and create his own niche in the entertainment world that sets him apart from others. With a unique style on the mic, and an eclectic ear for great music, Justin Credible can be heard DJing everything from hip hop to 80's. Justin not only wants to be known as an international DJ, he wants to venture into the world of producing music, and put his mark on the fashion industry. The sky is the limit for Justin.

Get to know more about Justin: 


When and how did you first decide music was your life?

I realized early in high school that I had a huge passion for music, especially presenting it. I love music and I love making people happy, giving them an escape from their routine by listening to me play. Music always has the ability to alter a persons mood. When I realized that in high school, I fell in love and music's been in my life ever since.


Who gave you your biggest break in music, and how?

Jimmy Steal, the program director at KPWR Power 106 gave me my biggest break on the radio. DJ Eman and he worked with me day in and day out teaching me and giving me opportunities for me to grow.



What equipment do you use for production? What about DJing?

For DJing, I use Technique 1200's or CDJ-900's w/ the Pioneer djm-900-nexus-4-channel-dj-mixer

For production, I use Ableton and Pro Tools.


What's the toughest part of the DJ lifestyle, and how do you deal with it?

I guess the hours are the toughest part. Late nights and early mornings. The passion fuels me, that and 5 hour energy drinks. LOL.


How would you describe your process of creating a song from start to finish?

I would describe it as a blank canvas to start, and I color in the pieces as I go. Hook, bridge, determining the verses, mixing, and mastering. 


What’s the one song you love playing in your set right now?

Calvin Harris - "Summer" and Young Thug - "Hookah." WAIT, that's two? Sorry!

Justin Credible

Who is your favorite up-and-coming artist right now?

There's so many. Problem, from here in L.A., is really on fire in my opinion.


What’s the one food you always include in your rider?

Sour patch kids! LOL.


Where do you see electronic music going in the next five years?

I've been hearing a lot more deep house vibed tracks lately, I can see it heading more in that direction. I'm really a fan of Disclosure's music. I love what they are doing and I can see electronic music traveling more in that direction.


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