Elton John Wants Justin Timberlake to Play Him in Biopic

January 3, 2012 By:
Elton John Wants Justin Timberlake to Play Him in Biopic

Oi Vey, the Justin Timberlake big-screen infiltration just won’t stop. Elton John is planning to make a biopic about his life and his "number one" choice to play him is Justin Timberlake.

"He played me before in a David LaChapelle video of "Rocket Man" and it was superb," says John.

John is referring to a 2001 music video for his song, "This Train Don't Stop There Anymore," where JT played a younger version of John, and it was "superb." Ok, I'm all aboard the JT train. I just watched "Friends With Benefits" like three times (this week) and only wished that there was more singing.

Elton John says the biopic; titled "Rocket Man" will follow his younger years, from his troubled youth as a piano prodigy up to his stint in rehab in the 90's.

"It's going to be a surreal look at my life, and not just a factual look at my life, more in the manner of a Moulin Rouge," he told the LA Times.

He is also considering actor James McAvoy or Robert Downey Jr. to play him in the flick.

"I just don't want it to be a normal biopic because my life hasn't been like that. And it only goes up to when I go into rehab in 1990," admits John, "It starts with me going into rehab and ends when I come out."

Well, we all know JT can play historical figures (see: JT played Sean Parker of Naptster fame in The Social Network), JT can obviously sing (see: N'Sync) and he can play gay well (see: See "Dick In A Box" on SNL).

Elton John says the biopic is still in the early stages, they already have a director but the rest of the project is still coming together.

"I'll be making an announcement about [the film] very, very soon," says John.