Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon - History of Rap Part 2

July 20, 2011 By:
Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon - History of Rap Part 2

Last September, Justin Timberlake appeared on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” and the two performed a live mash-up of the most popular rap songs from the last 30 years and called it “The History of Rap.” Because who better than the re-tell the history of rap than two non-rappers, i.e. a comedian and a guy desperately trying to be a comedian.

Due to the popularity of that performance, Justin stopped by Late Night again to promote “Friends With Benefits” and Timberlake and Fallon ended up launching into a new performance of “History of Rap.”

After JT reminisced on last year’s performance he said, “we can’t do it again, we can’t top it,” then, surprise, he and Fallon pull microphones out of their chairs and debuted another rendition of new rap songs and dubbed it “History of Rap Part 2.”

The duo take us thru songs like DMX’s “Up in Here, “Push It” by Salt-N-Pepa, and even attempt their best dougie in “Teach Me How to Dougie.”

At one point, JT displays his famous falsetto on the female part in Nelly’s “Hot in Here” while he sings “I am getting so hot, I wanna take my clothes off.” Girls in the audience were loosing their sh-t.

For some reason, people like it when a) white dudes rap and b) when guys act like women. Congratulations Justin Timberlake, you appeal to the least common denominator.

For the finale of the performance, they ran into the audience for Biz Markie’s “Just a Friend,” and everyone sang along. Awwww. I want to see “Friends With Benefits” more than ever now! Not.