Justin Timberlake Breaks Record with Comeback Single "Suit & Tie"

January 23, 2013 By:
Justin Timberlake Breaks Record with Comeback Single


Ask anyone with ears and they'll tell you they're aware that Justin Timberlake dropped his first single since 2006 this month. His retro, tap dance-y, Marvin Gaye-inspired "Suit & Tie" was being teased all over the Internet before premiering on the singer's website, only to further tease his upcoming album, and all that baiting proved to pay off.

At 6,045 plays in the span of January 14–20, the track now has the honor of being the song with the highest first-week plays in the two decade history of pop song charts.

This beats out the former record keeper Lady Gaga with "Born This Way," which was 2011's most anticipated single of the spring, at 4,602 plays.

Justin had a huge album with FutureSex/LoveSounds that shelled out a total of six club hits, then fell silent to focus on a film career, but if this record indicates anything it's that his fans are ready now for a J.T. comeback more than ever.

Already climbing to the Billboard Pop Songs chart's 14th position, the success of  "Suit & Tie" isn't exactly surprising. All the Justin hype plus enlisting the help of Jay-Z against the resurgence of lounge R&B is like a perfect storm.