Justin Timberlake: "I'm Not Trying to be a Serious Actor You F-ckers"

September 2, 2011 By:
Justin Timberlake:

Justin Timberlake has been performing a couple of free shows in NYC this week and took the opportunity to address the H8r's.

"For the record, I'm not trying to become a serious actor you f-cker's."

Who said he was "trying" to become a serious actor? It couldn't be because of his work in serious films like The Social Network, Black Snake Moan, Alpha Dog, or his new role in the upcoming thriller, In Time, could it?

He then followed that up with "I did two comedies this year!" Oh right, "Bad Teacher" and "Friends with Benefits." I was so busy not laughing at either of those films that I forgot about JT's budding career as a comedian.

Justin Timberlake puts his d-ck in a box, y'all! Everyone knows that's funny! Don't take him seriously you f-ckers!

Justin then continued his performance without any more lashing out at the audience.

Justin performed alongside the band FreeSol at Irving plaza in NYC and was there to promote the band and not himself, though he did dabble in some acoustic renditions of his old songs.

"I just wanted to take an opportunity to show you a real band with some real music," he told the crowd and then retreated to the back to play keyboard for the band.

An eyewitness at the concert tells Life&Style, "He began playing the keyboard as if he was just part of their band. He was dancing and singing some backup and he knew all the words to their songs, but purposefully stayed in the background and let freesol have the spotlight."

Justin then took the spotlight, grabbed a guitar and played a stripped down version of "Cry Me a River" while fan girls in the audience sang along. He then started strumming the guitar to "Like I love You," stopped for a second before claiming "I'm too old to sing this song."

What can that mean? Is he told old to hit those falsetto notes anymore? Or is he too old to sing songs about going to the club, finding a hot girl, convincing her she's beautiful and then taking her home and hoping she'll get hook-up with him? Which of those things is he too old for!? WHICH ONE JUSTIN!

He then played a few more of his old songs and a couple covers with FreeSol.

"He was totally into the entire performance. You could tell he had missed the spotlight and singing for a live audience - it's been four years since he's toured!" says the eyewitness, "It was a great night."

On Wednesday night Justin performed at his NYC restaurant Southern Hospitality in s show he didn't publicize until hours before the performance. Last nights show was advertised on JT's twitter over a week ago.

The show last night was to promote FreeSol who is signed to Justin's label Tenman Records. JT also directed two of their videos and executive produced their debut album No Rules. The show was also used to promote 901 Silver Tequila, Timberlake's tequila brand that he launched in 2009. Then he took to the mic to make that statement about his acting career. He also ended the night partying till 4am at Southern Hospitality, which is the restaurant he owns.

Somebody's publicist was working overtime on Sept. 1. If that one evening doesn't say branding genius, then I don't know what does. Take note everybody: That's how you promote your label, your liquor, your career and your restaurant all in a matter of hours.