Justin Timberlake Releases "Suit & Tie" Single

January 14, 2013 By:
Justin Timberlake Releases


Justin Timberlake had us all setting our alarm clocks over the weekend, following his first explicit tease regarding new music since 2006. The buzzer finally went off late last night when the FutureSex/LoveSounds singer delivered on that promise, premiering a brand new track called, "Suit & Tie." 

The track is a bubbly and brassy ditty that swings back and forth with a happy feel-good finger snappin' vibe, but the more notable of surprises arrives in that featured verse from Jay-Z, a surefire way to make a statement after a nearly seven year absence, while also adding more fuel to the fire of those J.T./Beyoncé collaboration rumors.

"Suit & Tie," to be featured on Justin's next album titled The 20/20 Experience, will disappoint fans who've put J.T. on a pedestal all these silent years—it's not a "game changer" or anything that remotely different from what Robin Thicke has been doing in the meantime. 

If there is a take-away from this song, it's that Justin's still got that falsetto to make you, if not get up out of your seat, have your feet tapping to the beat at least. He's also just plain sticking to his own brand of R&B without an EDM-assisted beat in sight, if this lone track indicates anything about his disc of new material.