Justin Timberlake to Launch MySpace Talent Competition

July 5, 2011 By:
Justin Timberlake to Launch MySpace Talent Competition

It was recently announced that MySpace was bought up by Specific Media and Justin Timberlake was brought on board to supposedly bring the social networking site back to it’s music roots.

Now, JT and his longtime manager Johnny Wright are partnering to reenergize the dull website and make it a community for music enthusiasts and launch new talent.

Their first project for the site is to create some kind of talent competition, “Whether it becomes a talent competition or something like that, those are things that we will still flesh out,” says Wright, “We definitely want to bring the industry back to MySpace to really look at the talented people that have put their faces there.”

Didn’t we already do that? Wasn’t there some Glee contest that already attempted to make singers with video blogs relevant? I don’t know how many more youtube covers of Lady Gaga songs I can handle.

Now that Timberlake is a part owner of MySpace, he has his own office and staff and everything! The day after the partnership was confirmed JT emailed Wright with “Are you up? My mind is going dizzy with ideas. I need to talk.”

See, the problem with Justin Timberlake revitalizing MySpace is that I doubt anyone can remember their old MySpace passwords. Either that or users are unwilling to take bathroom mirror iPhone photos of themselves again.