Listen Up: Kady Z Writes Songs For the 'Ordinary Girl'

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Listen Up: Kady Z Writes Songs For the \'Ordinary Girl\'
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Fraknwitch Records

“It’s fun to dress up,” Kady Z tells Stereotude, “but I also like being casual.”

She’s into fashion, she’s been featured as the “Fresh Face” of the Grammys, and she knows her way around a rep carpet. But her new album Ordinary Girl tells a different story.

Like Taylor Swift to whom she’s been compared, Kady crafts lyrics from experience, which leads to the inevitable topic of breakups. “So far, though, it’s only been about one guy,” she jokes, “versus 80,000.”

The album is her first full-length release and comes equipped with a U.S. tour kicking off in early August. Throughout the process of recording it, Kady collaborated with producer Tone Def (Green Day, Santana).

“I am a perfectionist and I am my own worst critic,” she says. “It helps to have two people there going, ‘Yeah, that really sucks,” or, ‘No, that’s great.’”

With titles like “Don’t Let Me Down” and “Drown You Out” finding their way onto the tracklist, she admits that sad songs are more appealing to write about. But the album isn't a downer.

“I think there are some happy songs, like…” she says, laughing, not being able to think of one off the top of her head. After a second she adds, “They all have a positive underlying idea.”

Her single “Crashing Down” is definitely one of those. The track tells the story of being in a low place, but not giving up hope while you're there.

Heavily electronic songs like “Perfect For You” and the album’s opener “Game Over” do a good job keeping the doom and gloom away, too. Also featured on the LP is “Crush Gone Wrong,” a song dedicated to stalking Matchbox 20’s Rob Thomas. “Not really,” she promises, “just in my dreams.”

Kady Z’s Ordinary Girl drops August 5th via Fraknwitch Records. You can check out her EP One Million Pieces on SoundCloud, and follow her on Twitter at @KadyZ.

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