Kanye Has Been Rapping About Kim Since 2009

September 7, 2012 By:

It’s public knowledge at this point that a couple of Kanye’s latest songs are about Kim.

There’s “Perfect Bitch” which the singer said he wrote about Kim—now a much-debated topic for the appropriateness of using such language, even endearingly, about a significant other.

Then there’s the well-cited lyric off a track titled “Clique” from his album Cruel Summer, which references that notorious sex tape—

“Eat breakfast at Gucci / My girl a superstar all from a home movie.”

Then there was "TheraFlu" (recently renamed "Way Too Cold") where he took a stab at Kris Humphries.

"And I'll admit, I fell in love with Kim, 'Round the same time she had fell in love wit' him."

However, these weren’t the first three.

Just go through the maestro’s archives, back to 2009’s “Knock You Down” featuring Keri Hilson and Ne-Yo, where apparently a hidden reference was aimed straight at Kim’s heart, a source close to ‘Ye tells TMZ.

“You was always the cheerleader of my dreams

To seem to only date the head of football teams

And I was the class clown that always kept you laughing

We were never meant to be

Baby, we just happened”

Breaking it down, this is in reference to Kim’s relationship with football star Reggie Bush at the time.

Depending on how much of a champion you are of the Kimye relationship, you now either will love his songs more or hate them.