11 Things You'll Learn from Listening to Kanye West’s Latest Rant

July 7, 2014 By:
11 Things You'll Learn from Listening to Kanye West’s Latest Rant
Image By: Getty Images / Tim P. Whitby

Kanye West performed at Wireless Festival in London this past weekend. Of course, he couldn't help but include a fifteen-minute long rant mid-set. The audience wasn't too happy and booed him throughout the tirade. 

However, we here at Stereotude are always open to new ideas, so we took a close listen to this particular Kanye rant and learned a few new things...


A rant always sounds better in Auto-Tune.

And looks cooler while wearing a Margiela mask.

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Remind people from time to time that “everybody’s a star.”

Don’t forget your rant has to rhyme.

Get the crowd going by asking if they think they’re awesome.

When you use a word that doesn’t really exist like “dishumanize,” you can make it all okay by saying, “Now it’s a word because I said it’s a f**king word.”

Break out in song once in a while.

A lighting guy is a legitimate job according to Kanye West. It's up there with doctors, lawyers and video game programmers.

When you’re about to talk crap on some major brands, remind everyone first that you’re not going to mention any names.

Think for a second before you shout out “f**k my face” to a large crowd.

Even when they boo you, keep talking. Do you, Kanye, do you.