7 Music Documentaries You Need to Watch Right Now

June 16, 2014 By:

Music documentaries are great. They reveal the hidden lives of famous musicians who we'd all like to know more about.

Here are some of the more recent music documentaries that you need to check out:


Nine Days and Nights of Ed Sheeran

Ed's MTV documentary series gives an inside look at his life on tour, at home with friends, and his journey as a renowned musician releasing a sophomore record. Watching this documentary will make you love Ed even more. He's absolutely adorable, lovable and down-to-earth.


Beyoncé: Life Is But a Dream

This doc is a culmination of Beyoncé's entire career. It was directed and executive produced by the songstress. Queen Bey is a very private celebrity, and the documentary offers a rare glimpse at her life, from her miscarriage to her professional split with her father and former manager.


Kesha: My Crazy Beautiful Life

Kesha's documentary series was filmed by her older brother, so it gives viewers unprecedented access to her life. Shot over the course of two years, cameras follow Kesha as she comes of age as an artist and a young woman. 


Miley: The Movement

This documentary details Miley's controversial return to the music industry. It shows Miley preparing to release her album Bangerz and rehearsing for her shocking performance at the VMAs.


Biggie & Tupac

The rivalry and murder of the two rap legends was investigated by British filmmaker Nick Broomfield. He suggests that the murder of Tupac was organized by Suge Knight, the former CEO of Death Row Records. 


Snoop Lion: Reincarnated

Snoop Dogg went on a spiritual journey to Jamaica in 2012 and ended up converting to the Rastafari movement. He changed his name to Snoop Lion and recorded a reggae album under the new moniker. This documentary follows Snoop's "reincarnation" and his Jamaican experience.


George Harrison: Living in the Material World

This HBO documentary is based on the life of Beatles member George Harrison. It earned six nominations and won two Emmys in 2011. The documentary explores his travels to India and the influence it had on his music and life. 


Honorable Mention:

Kanye West's New Testament

This fan-made documentary pairs the best Kanye quotes with epic imagery, over the film score of There Will Be Blood. Take a minute and feel inspired by Kanye's self-confidence. Don't forget to try the self-confidence generator as well.