FYI: Adele as a Flight Companion, Kanye’s Head Still Hurts

May 17, 2013 By:

Kanye West wore a Band-Aid on his head to promote his “SNL” performance and to redeem himself from that embarrassing paparazzi-pole injury that we all laughed at. (Idolator)

There is already a buttload of Selena Gomez “Come and Get It Remixes.” (Popcrush)

George Michael was in a serious car crash. Despite a head injury and airlift to the hospital, the singer is reportedly doing fine. (BBC)

It’s Janet Jackson’s birthday. She’s 47. You should celebrate by turning on your Janet playlist and looking through pictures of her cleavage. (VH1)

A new study suggests that Adele’s “Someone Like You” is the best song for keeping nervous air travelers from losing their sh*t. R. Kelly is also on the list, though, so take that information with a grain of salt. (NME)

One Direction is more popular than Margaret Thatcher dying…womp womp. (NME)

“American Idol” Season 12 is over. Mariah Carey performed on the finale and dressed up like a mermaid-angel. In related news, what the hell is a mermaid-angel? (Rap-Up)

Demi Lovato has “no resentment” for the a$$holes who inspired her to write sad lyrics on her new album, Demi. (MTV)

Remember the monkey that Justin Bieber left in Germany? Well, it’s racking up major bills. (Daily News)

Britney Spears has a new song. It’s called “Ooh La La” and it’s Smurferific. (That Grape Juice)