FYI: Kanye Throws Down, Bieber Throws Eggs

January 14, 2014 By:
FYI: Kanye Throws Down, Bieber Throws Eggs
Image By: Taylor Hill

The Stereotude team trawls the depths of the Internet to find the most weird and wonderful news in music. This is FYI:

Ouch: Kanye (allegedly) punched some kid in the face and was totally justified for once. Some guy (allegedly) accosted the couple as they tried to enter a chiropractor's office and released a bevy of racist and sexist slurs at them. Kanye then (allegedly) clocked him in the jaw and everybody (allegedly) cheered. For once, Kanye isn't the asshole. It is such a fresh and new feeling! West is now (allegedly) under investigation by the LAPD. (Via The Independent)

Hey Ya: Outkast are set to play 40 festival dates in honor of their 20th anniversary. We all thought it was just Coachella, but it looks like it'll be hard to miss these guys over the next year.  (Via Rolling Stone)

2 Smiths: Willow and Jaden Smith have teamed up once again on the former's track "5." The dreamy soulful floater of a track features some mature vocals from Willow before Jaden throws in some okay rhyming. (Via Idolator)

Jailbait: The Biebz got up to some more trouble a couple days ago by egging his neighbor's house in Calabasas. The amount of damage done could rack up to a felony charge. We're betting he'll be pretty popular in jail.  (Via TMZ)

Secrets: "The biggest secret in the music industry" is something you could have discovered on Wikipedia: Max Martin is a very successful pop songwriter. Have a look for yourself and be SHOCKED! (Via Uproxx)