FYI: Kanye vs. Zappos vs. Your Brain

November 21, 2013 By:

Feuds: There’s a beef happening between Kanye West and Zappos right now and it deserves your attention. (New York Daily News)

Beef Seconds: Meanwhile, West is also talking plenty of sh*t about Bruno Mars, Oprah and bloggers. (Complex)

Insider Input: The Pixies comeback wasn’t as easy as they made it look. (NME)

Part 2: There might be a sequel to ARTPOP, guys. And it might get weirder this time around. (NME)

Music Videos: Ready or not, Eminem and Rihanna’s video is coming out soon. (MTV)

More Videos: Whilst you wait for that video, you should watch Arcade Fire’s “Afterlife.” Do it. (Pitchfork)

Legends: “Why OutKast Are Totally Like Simon and Garfunkel.” Sure, why not? (Rolling Stone)

Remixes: R. Kelly’s “Sex Dolphin” got a reinvention by DJ Ango. Mmhmm. (Rolling Stone)

ARTPOP: And finally, confirmation that Lady Gaga will only continue to get weirder. (YouTube)