FYI: Ke$ha in Rehab, Morrissey Hates You, Kanye Is Money

January 6, 2014 By:

Oops: Ke$ha has entered rehab. This was considered to be an inevitability by most experts, but hold your horses! Our favorite whiskey-drenched ratchet white girl is in for an eating disorder, confounding critics by not being addicted to drugs or perpetually wasted. She's not planning on being out of commission for long, though, as her next scheduled performance is on the 13th of February in Dubai. (Via Rolling Stone)

Listen Up: The Pixies have announced the release of "EP2," a four track EP of stompy, dissonant poppy proto-punk that can be downloaded exclusively on their website. Check out the trippy and rad video for the lead single "Blue-Eyed Hexe" here.

Lawyer Up: Rick Ross is suing LMFAO, claiming that their "Party Rock Anthem" ripped off the hook to his track "Hustlin'," despite the neon-clad duo's adjustment of 'hustling' to 'shuffling'. Whether it's slangin' rock or litigation, Ross is ever the opportunist businessman. (Via Rolling Stone

Ranty: Morrissey, in typical Morrissey fashion, is in hot water for stating that he sees "no difference between eating animals and pedophilia." Yeesh! (Via Uproxx)

$$$: Kanye West is set to be the face of Coinye, a cryptocurrency planning to take on the mighty Bitcoin. West's involvement is unofficial, but the currency bears his resemblance and is shiny and gold, so we're sure he's on board. (Via Uproxx)

Double Dip: Major Lazer have announced the release of an album in February that is set to feature Pharrell Williams (of course), Sean Paul and Elephant Man. (Via Consequence of Sound)

Cool: Daft Punk will be joined on stage at the Grammys by Stevie Wonder and Nile Rodgers. The French duo were looking to commission every single pop icon ever, but unfortunately Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson were unavailable. (Via Uproxx)