Kanye Going on European Tour

March 24, 2009 By:
Kanye Going on European Tour

Kanye West is taking his act on the road through Europe this summer. He’ll be promoting his latest album, 808s & Heartbreak, in July, and then is planning on coming to the U.S. by next fall.

Kanye says that audiences can expect to see a lot of new theatrical ideas incorporated into his new tour. He talked about his last tour, Glow In The Dark, saying, “Being on stage, it’s the glory. I get bored with stuff. The last one was done because I didn’t feel like doing a rap show, because of all I was going through in my life. All I felt like was playing with Star Wars toys and being Luke Skywalker. So I figured you know, ‘I’ll do a rap show if I can just be like Luke Skywalker every night.’ And so I just wrote my own sci-fi and played in it.”

Kanye says his 808s tour will be more like a fashion show. He says he considers it “as much a fashion project as those $400-plus Louis Vuitton sneakers” he recently crafted.

He says,“The subject matter was real life. The medium was melody. The format is very similar to the way people would organize a fashion show, more so than an album. And I felt like this was my season. … I deliver my music more as a designer than a producer now.”

Kanye’s always up to something new, so it doesn’t surprise us that 808s will be completely different from Glow In The Dark!