Kanye Pisses Off His Fans

June 16, 2008 By:
Kanye Pisses Off His Fans

Kanye West pissed off a lot of fans waiting to see his performance at the Bonnaroo Musical Festival in Tennessee because he kept the crowd waiting for over 2 hours.

He was supposed to hit the stage at 2:45AM but he didn't on until 4:25AM. Naturally, that pissed off a lot of anxious people.

To give Kanye the benefit of the doubt, it wasn't really hit fault. A Kanye concert has a lot of visuals and it took a while for the crew to put together the set after the previous concert.

Obviously, the fans didn't weren't as lenient because they started shouting "Kanye Sucks!" and throwing glow sticks on stage. It took him a while to win the crowd over and some of them just gave up and fell asleep in their sleeping bags.