Kanye Is Praised, Avril Is Trashed

April 18, 2008 By:
Kanye Is Praised, Avril Is Trashed

Kanye's new tour is getting all the love from the critics, while Avril continues to be on everyone shit list for being a spoiled brat that won't grow out of her bitchy attitude. Well, it's biting her in the ass because everyone's a little sick of it, and bad attitude doesn't sell tickets.

A critic for the Washington Post says "Who says Canadians are all sweetness and light? Much of Avril Lavigne's appeal, and there's a ton to go around, comes from how loathsome she is."

Kanye, on the other hand, is enjoying such reviews as this one fro LA Times critic Anne Powers.

She says of Kanye's just launched Glow in the Dark tour, "An apocalyptic space opera…a show that carried his braggadocio into the realm of myth itself…This was pure comic-book adventure…But the real message came through those unstoppable images. Glow in the Dark raises the bar for arena tours as no show has since U2's 1992 Zoo TV breakthrough. It's that innovative and galvanizing…the ridiculous, beautiful heights of West's heroics."

Wow! Looks like Kanye's on top!