Kanye West "Glow In The Dark" Concert Review

April 24, 2008 By:

"FLASHING LIGHTS...FLASHING LIGHTS"....yes, when Kanye hit the stage at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live as part of his -GLOW IN THE DARK TOUR (which also featured Lupe Fiasco, N.E.R.D., and Rihanna)- colorful rays lit the stage & sparkled the arena to announce the arrival of arguably the best performer in the business who transcends race & blurs the line of the genre, hip-hop, with his innovative beats & thought provoking lyrics.

His legions of fans roared with applause & praise as they stood to their feet and remained standing as Kanye blasted through his hits with such fervor you could feel his fire emanating from the stage & fueling the crowds' liveliness. The stylish masses included such VIPs as Lindsay Lohan, Travis Barker, DJ Samantha Ronson, Adam Rodriguez of CSI Miami fame, and his very own Roc Familia, Jay-Z.

Kanye let his conceptual artistry color the backdrop of the show. With a slanted stage-which at times appeared to be the moon- and whirling clouds and swirling galaxies emblazoned on screens both big & small, the legions of fans were mesmerized... it felt as if you were transported to another world with Kanye at the helm of the trip through space and time.

And a ride it was! Accompanied by a live band below the stage, Kanye ardently rapped for an hour straight -gracing the crowd with such hits as "Jesus Walks" and "Good Life." Only slowing down to pay homage to his recently deceased mother with his impassioned hit, "Hey Mama," which brought tears to many empathetic fans' eyes. But he came back as only Kanye can and left his screaming fans begging for more as they held up their hands to form a triangle representing the "Roc" and honoring their captain that took them on an amazing journey. You've heard it, he said the best is yet to come, but I say...the best has arrived.