Kanye West is a Good Christian Man Says Kanye West

September 16, 2014 By:
Kanye West is a Good Christian Man Says Kanye West
Image By: Chelsea Lauren

Kanye West is constantly getting ripped on by media. Anything he does, the media will sensationalize it. 

The Yeezus tour is currently making its way throughout Australia. Kanye made headlines over the weekend when he wanted everyone in the audience to stand up for his track "Good Life." Two fans in the crowd were handicapped, and it took a few moments for Kanye to realize that. 

Media outlets like TMZ wrote headlines like "Kanye West Tells Wheelchair-Bound Concertgoer… Stand Up Or I'm Not Rapping!"

If you watched the video of the incident, you'll realize that wasn't what really happened. 

How does Kanye respond to the media blasting him?

A good ol' rant.

At his show in Brisbane on last night, Kanye ranted against the media - "Pick a new target, 'cause I'm not one of these dumb-ass artists that you're used to… Take a step back and look at this. I'm a married, Christian man with a family. At my concerts, I make sure everybody has a good a time as possible… Pick a new target."

Watch the full rant below: