Kanye West Hospitalized in Australia

September 11, 2014 By:
Kanye West Hospitalized in Australia
Image By: Steve Mack

As you may know, Kanye West is currently globetrotting on his Yeezus tour. This week Kanye is in the land down under to introduce Yeezus to the Aussies. Unfortunately, not all went smoothly during his time there. 

Yesterday Kanye was rushed to the hospital just hours before his concert in Melbourne. TMZ reported that the reason for Kanye's hospital visit was a throbbing migraine after playing basketball with his entourage. However, a woman present at the hospital during Kanye's visit told Woman's Day that he had suffered a seizure.


Getty Images /  Stefan Gosatti

It's Kanye. He's a perfectionist, and the show must go on. He put on a brave face and like a trooper, he took the stage a few hours later at the Rod Laver Arena. 

Whatever happened, much respect to Kanye and we hope he gets better soon.