Kanye West Releases Another New Song, "Mercy"

April 6, 2012 By:
Kanye West Releases Another New Song,

It's good to have Kanye West back! And I don't mean as Kim Kardashian's new pr stunt victim side-piece. The GOOD music Prez has just followed up yesterday's release of “Theraflu” with today's new release “Mercy.”

"Mercy" features Big Sean, Pusha T, 2 Chainz and Kanye West and will be featured on the upcoming G.O.O.D Music album, which features various artists from West's label.

Anyways, the song was supposed to release today on the holy day, Good Friday (get it?) but it leaked to the internetz yesterday as most new music does, but that's great for us, because this song is perfect. It's lyrically pretty simple, but makes up for it in swag.

Kanye raps, “I threw suicides on that private jet/You know what that means, I'm fly to death/I step in the Def Jam building like I'm the sh-t/Tell them give me $50 million or I'm going to quit.”

The tone of the song changes immediately prior to Kaye's verse. It's like the skies parted, the music stops and Kanye raps. As soon as he's finished, the song returns to normal and 2 Chainz drops his verse, which pales in comparison to Kanye.

The best part about this song is the throwback to vintage Kanye. It's more similar to “The College Dropout” than anything Kanye has done since.

Also, Kanye better watch out because Pusha T's verse was kind of “Kanye-ish.” His flow and the way he growls when he says “Nahh,” is pretty similar to 'Ye. All I'm saying is…keep your eye on him Kanye.