Kanye West to Appear at Glastonbury Festival

May 12, 2009 By:
Kanye West to Appear at Glastonbury Festival

Kanye West has just signed on for a performance at this summer’s Glastonbury festival. But surprisingly enough, it’s not to promote his own music!

Kanye will be at Glastonbury in support of his new protégé, London-based Mr. Hudson. Kanye’s label Good Music just signed Mr. Hudson, and Kanye himself co-produced and performed on his new album, which is out this summer.

Kanye won’t reveal whether or not he plans on taking the stage at Glastonbury with Mr. H, though he says, “We’ve toured together a lot so it’s a real possibility.”

So whether or not Kanye will be pulling a Jay-Z remains to be seen. As you may remember, the Jigga got a lot of flack for headlining last year’s Glastonbury Festival, which is more geared towards singer-songwriters than rap artists.

Kanye commented by saying, “I do agree with the idea you have to play guitar, some kind of instrument, at a festival. Hudson is a truly talented singer and performer who plays piano and guitar.”

For now, Kanye is just enjoying his latest project with Mr. Hudson. He’s got a real thing with those Brits! Kanye says, “I’ve always liked the UK and I’ve always taken a lot of my style and energy from the UK and UK bands. This is my way of giving something back by supporting these artists. I will definitely have a place in the UK eventually.”