Kanye West's DJ Sucks So Bad that He Got Fired

August 14, 2014 By:
Kanye West's DJ Sucks So Bad that He Got Fired
Image By: Tim Mosenfelder

DJ Million Dollar Mano has been touring with Kanye West as his DJ for some time now. Yesterday, Mano took to Twitter to inform the world that he will no longer be DJing for Ye. There has been no official announcement as to why Mano and Kanye have split ways... But if you take a look at the video below, you can kind of guess why.

So. Many. Epic. Fails.

That feel when Kanye awkwardly repeats "don't like… don't like… like… like… Mano… like… like." And that feel when Kanye and the entire audience are singing "Runaway," and Mano drops a completely different song. 

Kanye, being the perfectionist that he is, probably had enough of this guy. Why didn't he fire him earlier?

Anyway, this is how Mano responded on Twitter:

Very mature. Calling people gay? Junior high, much?


We're rooting for Kim Kardashian to replace Mano.

Denise Truscello/WireImage