Radio Stations Ban Kanye West

September 15, 2009 By:
Radio Stations Ban Kanye West

It happened to Chris Brown, and now Kanye West is feeling the backlash of his irrational decision during Sunday night’s VMAs. Because of Kanye’s completely childish behavior, radio stations around the country have begun pulling his music from their playlists.

Stations like KIIS 95.1 in Florida and KHOP 95.1 in Sacramento have already implemented the ban on West’s songs on their stations, and they’re leaving it up to their listeners to decide whether it will be lifted.

One station even conducted a poll, asking their audience: “After interrupting Taylor Swift at the MTV VMAs, we put a ban on Kanye West's music. Should the ban continue? Vote now!”

In Chris Brown’s case, more and more stations began banning him once the word got out that others were doing it. And we admit, it seems like a pretty fair punishment!

Kanye has had this coming for a while. The man thinks he’s way too important for his own good. Would you be in favor of a Kanye ban on the radio right now?