Seven Hot New Albums to Be Thankful For

November 23, 2010 By:
Seven Hot New Albums to Be Thankful For

Who knew Thanksgiving was the hot time to release an album?!

Anyone who’s anyone in the music industry right now seems to have gotten the November memo, and I’ve picked my fave must-buy albums of the month.

Here are the seven brand new albums to be thankful for this year.

7. Norah Jones Featuring Norah Jones

You can always count on Norah to deliver a mellow, soothing album. This particular one features all of Jones’ collaborations from the last decade, including Ryan Adams, Herbie Hancock and Belle and Sebastian.
Best time to listen: post-Thanksgiving dinner when you’re in a full-on turkey coma.

6. Justin Bieber My Worlds Acoustic

Bieber fever continues with this acoustic album that really shows off Biebs’ surprisingly amazing voice. This is the stripped-down version of the pop star’s hits that will melt your little heart! He might need a little media training, but JB is a talented singer and musican.
Best time to listen: During the hours of Thanksgiving dinner preparation when you’ll need to be very alert!

5. Pink Greatest Hits…So Far!!!

Who doesn’t love a little Pink?! The preggers pop star has put all her best tunes (so far) together on this very well balanced album. Plus it features her new hit “Raise Your Glass,” which she recently performed at the AMAs.
Best time to listen: Around the firepit with friends on Thanksgiving eve (aka biggest party night of the year!)

4. Rihanna Loud

The old Rihanna is definitely back with this latest album…and I literally love every song! Download this to your workout mix and hit the treadmill…the electro pop diva will have you burning off those calories in no time.
Best time to listen: The morning after Thanksgiving…sneak in a workout before shopping til you drop.

3. Black Eyed Peas The Beginning

The BEP never disappoint, and this album is no exception. “The Time” is one of those songs you want on repeat, and I’m loving how dance dance revolution they’re getting. Doesn’t come out til 11/30, but it’s on pre-order on Amazon now.

2. Nicki Minaj Pink Friday

What better way to celebrate the long lines at the mall on Black Friday than with Pink Friday? There’s a reason everyone in music wants to work with Nicki right now. And for a debut album, she managed to score some pretty A-list peeps: Rihanna, Drake, Kanye….yeah.
Best time to listen: En route to those 4AM Black Friday sales!

1. Kanye West My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

If there’s one album I’d recommend you purchase this month, it’s this one. Kanye’s latest masterpiece is so eclectic, it’s mind-boggling how he had the wherewithal to put it all together. Guess recording in Hawaii all year can do that for ya! Do it justice by listen all the way through.
Best time to listen: Any time you have a full hour and a half to dedicate to Kanye….he’d appreciate your full attention.