T.I. Reveals New Kanye West Obsession

August 11, 2010 By:
T.I. Reveals New Kanye West Obsession

T.I. loves a collaboration as much as most rappers do. But did he overdo it for his upcoming album? According to reports, he and Kanye Westgot into the studio together and created six, (count em!) six new albums together.

According to MTV, T.I. is releasing King Uncaged later this year, and says he loved all the duets with Kanye so much that there may be quite a few that make the album. He called West’s enthusiasm “combustible energy.”

"Well, Kanye, man, he's a phenomenal talent. It goes without saying that it's combustible energy when we're in the studio. I'm excited to present it,” he said. "I just left Hawaii with Kanye. We did six records."

T.I. also managed to score Lady Gaga for the album as well, and that’s someone he had his eye on for awhile. Eminem has also considered appearing on the record.

T.I. added, "My Eminem collaboration is in the making, it just hasn't been recorded yet. The song has been picked out and it's been agreed for us to do it. We're thinking about a song that can definitely make its way to the clubs."

T.I. knows how to pick em—Kanye, Gaga, and Eminem? How can you get better than that? T.I. aint so bad himself!