"Watch the Throne" Review: It Was Worth the Wait

August 8, 2011 By:

There's only two kind of people in the world: Those who are obsessed with Kanye and Jay Z and those who are not. There is no gray area.

Casual listeners of Kanye/Jay-Z do not count. If you "claim" to be a fan of this twosome but the only song you can name that they've done together is "Monster" then you can return the beerpong game at the frat house you belong to.

Like Kanye's most recent solo album "Dark Twisted Fantasy" this album was not created for KiisFM to play while you drive to work. This isn't some Wiz Khalifa or T-Pain music that you play at the middle school dance.

When Kanye wants to do that kind of music, he raps on a Katy Perry track (ahem "E.T."). This is not that album.

This album has been anticipated for almost a year. Kanye and Jay-Z, no strangers to braggadocio had many wondering if this would be some over hyped album between two of raps most ego talents, and fortunately for them, this Kanye and Jay-Z collaboration proves to be their most ambitious project yet and already considered by many to be an instant classic.

Kanye and Jay-Z are very selective over who they feature on the album. Obviously no "throne" is complete without an appearance from Queen B herself. Beyonce lends her vocal brilliance to the track "Lift Off" which is just beggin to be their huge anthem hit. The song samples soundbites from the Apollo 11 lunar flight and has me waving my lighter in the air already.

Other featured artists include Frank Ocean form the controversial rap collection Odd Future, and while you may not have heard of Frank Ocean before today, get used to his name cuz everything Kanye and Jay-Z touch turns to gold. People included. Ocean lends his sometimes crooning/sometimes rapping talents to the tracks, "No Church in the Wild" and "Sweet Baby Jesus."

My favorite song is one of the bonus tracks "Illest Motherf-cker Alive," because it sounds like Kanye and Jay-Z woke up from a nap and decided to record a song about nonsense. Kanye raps that "I need a slow motion video right now, cause I'm moving in slow motion." At one point Kanye just lists all the names of dudes he knows with the first name Russell. It's ridiculous, but even at their laziest these two are still better than everyone else.

Surprisingly this album wasn't leaked ahead of its scheduled release. The album was released on iTunes this morning (or illegally to youtube...thanks internet) and the physical album will drop this Friday.