Watch Vintage Kanye West Rapping as a Teenager

January 16, 2012 By:
Watch Vintage Kanye West Rapping as a Teenager

A video just surfaced from 1996 that shows Kanye West as a lil’ baby doing his rap thing. Okay, 1996 would make Kanye a 19-year-old, but the teenaged version of Kanye was still spitting mad rhymes even as a young one.

Wearing a white polo shirt in the video, one thing is clear, Kanye’s style has definitely evolved. Did he get off his shift at the bowling alley and didn’t have time to change before heading to his concert? Get it together 19-year-old Yeezy.

Anyways, Kanye raps in a small venue with a poster behind him that reads, “GoodTime.” Was “GoodTime” the predecessor to his GOOD Music record label?

We haven’t heard much news from Kanye since his twitter-rant a couple weeks ago, where we learned that he launched his new company “Donda” amongst other incoherent babble about The Jetsons and the public school education system. So I guess digging through the archives is the only Kanye “news” we’re gonna get.

It’s crazy to think this video was 8 years before Kanye made his mainstream debut with his breakout hit album, 2004’s The College Dropout.

In the video, Kanye is the one on the left and his buddy Phenom is on the right, lending some “uhhhs” and “yeeuhhs” to Kanye’s beat. It seems like Phenom was the Jay-Z to Kanye’s “Throne” if “Watch The Throne” was a small blackbox theater in Chicago circa 1996.

Check out the awesome video below: