Weird Memories from the Governors Ball

June 20, 2013 By:

It was Kanye West’s Yeezus preview that stole the show at the Governors Ball, the epic music festival that took over Randall’s Island in NYC with it’s A-list marathon of a lineup earlier this month.

Scanning through Instagram photos, though, it would appear that some of the quaint details of the gathering went unnoticed, unless you were there. Christen Hooks, a self-described “Violist/pianist/world traveler/Philadelpian, lover of all things unique/weird/original/beautiful” was there and also was one of the thousands of people uploading frantically.

Here are some of her memories…

“I saw an entire field that had turned into a mud hole full of beer cans, trash and the few brave people who were left fighting the heavy downpour that was still falling.  My friend and I didn’t even make it half way to the stage before we decided to cut our losses (RIP black combat boots that I thought were good for any type of weather) and head back to her house for the night.”

“The first band we caught was an Australian band, Cut Copy.  I had never heard of them before but they were pretty good.  As I was dancing to their set, somebody behind me threw what seemed like several trash bags full of glittery confetti all over the crowd.  I looked down at my muddy boots that were now covered in glitter and realized that I didn’t even care about the horrible conditions of the festival grounds, and neither did anyone else.”

“It was during Cut Copy’s set … Two dudes in the middle of the crowd towards the stage had blow-up kangaroos on their shoulders and were rocking out the whole time.  These kangaroos ended up popping up at several other sets I caught over the next two days and I think those guys walked around with them on their shoulders for the entire festival.  I saw them walking away from the Animal Collective set, kangaroos still in place, trudging through the mud to the next band. … Governor’s Ball didn’t get as crazy as Bonnaroo with all the naked people walking around but it was still pretty insane.”

Follow Christen on Instagram at @miranda_may_. She also plays in a pretty excellent Philadelphia band called Disco Machine Gun. Check them out on Facebook and look them up on Instagram, too!