Monday Music Maven: Karli Henriquez

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Monday Music Maven: Karli Henriquez

This week's Monday Music Maven is Karli Henriquez. Born and raised in California, Karli has been paving her path in the entertainment industry ever since she stepped into the doors of Clear Channel Communications’ Top 40 radio station, KIIS FM, Los Angeles in 2004. Henriquez’s unique talents were recognized right away, and she quickly progressed from intern to correspondent for one of KIIS FM’s highly rated programs, “JoJo on the Radio” which is nationally syndicated in over 50 markets. Nicknamed “Karli from the Block,” she was soon going on location to interview today’s hottest celebrities on the red carpet with her unique and eloquent charisma. Her reach did not stop there, however, and she began to expand her hosting career. As host of the “Top 20” on MTV Tr3s, Henriquez reports the latest news in entertainment, the hottest music videos, movies, and sports. Karli has no plans to stop anytime soon. Get to know LA's most influential latina, Karli Henriquez:


1) How has your life experience made you the leader in music you are today?

Music fuels me and I've been extremely blessed to get the opportunity to play a small role in the industry. I'm taking all of the tools I've mastered, networks I've made, and bridges I've built to help make a change in the way we all incorporate music into our lives. This is the only way I know how to repay music for bringing so much joy into all of my life experiences.


2) Where do you see music going in the next five years?

Music in the next five years will be streamed by a digital resource, and label heads will be forced to adapt. The Internet is every aspiring talent's best friend, a global friendship with zero limitations. Within every course of change you will find an "old suit" trying to keep the music industry from evolving because they are afraid and don't understand the digital space. Unfortunately for them, the time is now and music enthusiasts are finding other ways to connect with their favorite artists, ex'ing the middle man out. Adios, suit and hello new age music industry.


3) What would you have told yourself five years ago?

Five years ago I would tell myself to never second guess myself. I'm usually right the first time around.


4) Who do you think are currently the most influential figures in music (pop/alternative, etc.)?

Artists today have the power to influence a music lover's views from political to personal. Lyrics to a song can create a memory or cause tears of joy, and in today's "Top 40" charts there are only a handful I respect, the ones who have acknowledged the power they have to share thoughts to the masses. Pharrell, Imagine Dragons, Katy Perry, and Taylor Swift lead the influential path in my opinion.


5) Throwback to your favorite '90s song...

Sixpence None the Richer, "Kiss Me."