Beyhive Furious at Karrueche and Want to Get Her Exiled

August 27, 2014 By:
Beyhive Furious at Karrueche and Want to Get Her Exiled
Image By: Jonathan Leibson

Earlier this week, Karrueche Tran was a guest host on BET's 106 & Park. She performed a skit called "Top Six Things Blue Ivy Thought At The VMAs." During the skit, she cracked a tasteless joke about the infant.

"I really did wake up like this, because my parents never comb my hair."

If you didn't know, the Internet has been making fun of Blue Ivy's hair for over a year. Blue rocks an adorable little afro, and her parents don't straighten her hair because they let it grow out naturally. You think the most important celebrities on Earth wouldn't look after their child's appearance?

The #BeyHive were NOT happy with Karrueche. 

They've even created a petition to deport Karrueche. If deportation not available, they want her EXILED.

She lost 200,000 followers on Instagram due to her senseless Blue Ivy comment.

106 & Park is cancelled for the rest of the week.

Congrats, 3/4 of the world HATES Karrueche.

As the hate continued to pour in, this is how Karrueche responded:

"Past two days have been extremely draining.. As I geared up for a big day for myself - hosting a live show.. I never expected things to turn out this way.. I apologize to any and everyone who felt offended in any way by the comments made by BET executed through me.. I would never disrespect anyone's child in any way and anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE Beyoncé. My comments have been in complete shambles.. yes I am human too and yes I do make mistakes.. But all this negativity and death wishes are quite a lot.. Definitely a lesson learned from here forth.. Again, on behalf of MYSELF, my sincerest apologies #BeyHive"


Sorry YOU were offended. Oh, it wasn't MY FAULT.. they MADE ME say that. We're not buying it.