Countdown to Coachella: Kaskade

April 2, 2012 By:
Countdown to Coachella: Kaskade

Electronic Dance Music pioneer Kaskade is returning to Coachella this year and we’ve got all the details on one of house music’s greatest DJ and house music artists.

With artists like Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown and Rihanna putting lots of EDM influence in their songs and house music producers like David Guetta having tons of cross-over success, Kaskade tells Stereotude that he thinks now is a perfect time for EDM to hit the mainstream.

“I always thought this [house music] would be an underground thing and I would go about my business and write and create my music and have a nice life, but I think it’s been interesting, the last couple of years have been amazing for house music,” says Kaskade. “It seems like people are ready for something new and house music was right there, electronic music was budding and ready to happen, there’s a lot of great talent and artists out there and I just think it’s an exciting time for us.”

This isn’t Kaskade’s first time to play at Coachella, but something tells me he’ll feel right at home in the Coachella Valley.

“Los Angeles, San Francisco, the West Coast is my home,” Kaskade tells ST, “Those are the cities that really brought me up and I still enjoy playing there so much.”

His album “Fire and Ice” is out now and features 10 tracks interpreted in two different way. The lead single, “Room For Happiness” features pop songstress Skylar Grey on this edgy and introspective track.

“Kaskade was an absolute pleasure to work with,” says Grey, “When a song comes out so effortlessly, it’s usually a sign that it is one of my best.”