Inside Kaskade's 'Atmosphere' Listening Party

August 23, 2013 By:
To the certain envy of many hardcore electronic music fans, I got one of the exclusive invites to Kaskade's listening party for his new album, AtmosphereIt was my first official listening party, so I was unsure of what to expect. A warehouse rave? A stuffy room full of music biz types? A bunch of diehard fans sitting in silence listening to every note of the entire album? Well,
The party was started with cocktail hour with a mix of business folk and fans alike enjoying free drinks, h'orderves and a flip book photo booth while the album played in the background. Unfortunately, it tended to feel like of people were more into experiencing the experience than the music itself. At one point, I actually had to find a quiet corner to sit by myself so that I could really attempt to listen to each song. 

As for the music, from what I could hear over the loud buzz of chatter, it was exceptional. The songs felt just as emotionally captivating, if not more so, as his previous LP, Fire & IceThe title track "Atmosphere" is a perfect example of how personal Kaskade gets this time around, namely because it marks the first time he himself sings lead vocals on a song.

The album also has the producer's range and depth we've come to love: from impassioned minimal tunes to big room house jams. For me, though, the highlight was getting to meet the man himself and congratulate him on the new album. It did take a bit of stalking around the party to be able to do so, but it was totally worth it.
I have concluded that listening parties are pretty cool, as long as you're there for the right reasons. 
Kascade's Atmosphere drops September via Ultra Records.